LastDo has 4 different types of events

  • Alarms
  • Challenge Alarms
  • Notifications
  • Persistent notifications
Alarm Screen

Alarms are meant to either wake you up or force you to react to a current event.

Challenge Alarm

Challenge alarms force deepest sleepers to focus before dismissing the alarm.

Persistent Notification

Notifications inform you about events with sound and vibration. Persistent notifications are visible in the notification drawer until you remove them.

Set event

Each event has comprehensive amount of properties

  • Topic and description
  • Time
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Repeat type - on chosen weekdays
  • Repeat type - every X minute, hour, day, week, month or year
  • Amount of repetitions
  • Event location
  • File attachment
  • Color coded tags
  • Pretrigger notifications to give a non-instrusive warning before the alarm triggers

Profiles (available only in LastDo Pro) can override global settings

  • Ringtone
  • Volume
  • Play ringtone once
  • Volume fade-in
  • Vibration intensity
  • Read topic loud (with speech synthesizer)
  • Dismiss automatically after specified time
  • Trigger automation app task on alarm or challenge alarm dismiss
Event Widget

There is a convenient widget to show events on home screen.