LastDo has innovative note organization system.

Child Boards

Notes can be organized to child boards, such as, shop, home tasks and work tasks.


Each child board can have many cards. Each card can have several notes.

Note types

There are many different note types

  • Normal Note
  • Child Board
  • Note with File Attachment
  • Password Form
  • Contact Detail Form
  • Business Address Form
  • Payment Card Form
  • Bank Account Form

You can use password form to save login details of website or apps.


Contact details form can be used to save contact details of a person privately. The information, just like everything else, is only accessible in LastDo app.

Business Address

Business address form can be used to save details of a business.

Payment Card

Payment card form card be used to save details of credit and other payment cards.

Bank Account

Bank account form can contain details of a bank account.

Text Formatting

Notes support formatting with markdown and HTML syntax.

Note Widget

There is a convenient widget to show notes on home screen.