3rd party app integration

This document is meant for advanced users.

3rd party apps can communicate with LastDo by integrating Remote Library (https://github.com/JarmoKukkola/LastDoRemote).

For example, user could disable all the wake up related alarms, if he is in car and re-enabled them, when in home.

Discussion about the further possibilities is welcome in our social media channels.

Funtionality exposed to 3rd party apps

  • Add Alarm
  • Add Challenge Alarm (for deep sleepers)
  • Add Notification
  • Add Persistent Notification (visible in Notification Drawer until user remove it)
  • Dismiss Events (Alarm, Challenge Alarms, Notifications, Persistent Notifications)
  • Enable Events
  • Move Events to Trash
  • Restore Events
  • Create Note
  • Move Notes to Trash
  • Restore Notes
  • Create Card (Container for Notes)
  • Move Cards to Trash
  • Restore Cards
  • Create Timer
  • Delete Timer
Remote Access

LastDo has fine grained permission control for 3rd party app access. Optionally, users can require a access key from 3rd party apps to reduce risk of abuse.

Event Permissions

Users could, for example, allow only enabling and disabling events.

Note Permissions

Or they could let 3rd party apps, only make new notes.

Timer Permissions

Or let them make timers.