Syncing Details

LastDo does not have a central syncing server to make your data less dependent on any single entity, such as, the developer of the LastDo app. LastDo supports syncing using widely available WebDAV servers. To use syncing, you have to either, choose a free or a paid WebDAV server provider or make your own server. You need to know the url, the username and the password of the WebDAV server to have access for it. For the safety of your data, only HTTPS protocol is supported by LastDo.

Options for WebDAV server

There are many free and paid WebDAV server providers available at the moment. We do not have any affiliation with any of them and cannot comment on the quality of their service or the location of their servers. Here are some examples:

Website Cost WebDAV url (used in LastDo app) 2 GB free 5 GB free 15 GB free 512 MB free

It is also possible to make your own WebDAV server that runs on the following devices
  • Android phones
  • Windows computers
  • Mac computers
  • Linux computers
  • Raspberry Pi computers

The safest server could be only accessible in local network.

Data safety

All events, notes, files and file names are encypted in the device before sending to the server with AES 256 bit encryption. The encyption key is shown to the user when setting up syncing in the app. Even if someone is able to access the data on the server, they are not able to read the content without having the encyption keys.